Since 1954.
Aesthetics and

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Mission & Vision

We have a long history of leadership in the production of ceramic tile surfaces and today we produce porcelain stoneware floor tiles for residential architectural projects. Functionality and aesthetics, respect of the environment and state-of-the-art technology are the distinguishing elements of our production that aims to offer wellbeing in line with the stylistic evolution of the markets.

With a combination of tradition and innovation for over fifty years, we have been offering the market a wide range of collections, surfaces and formats that meet the needs of contemporary design.

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Our History

Cisa Ceramiche was founded in Sassuolo in 1954 and was one of the fi rst enterprises of the district of Sassuolo. It initially focused on the production of double-fi red red body tiles, over the next few years, production was expanded and diversified and now include fi ne porcelain floor and wall tiles, single-fi red white body tiles, double-fi red red body tiles all of which are available in the following sizes: 15x15 - 20x20 - 20x25 - 25x33,3 - 25x42,5 - 30x30 - 33,3x33, 3 - 40x40 - 45x45 - 30x60 - 60x60 - 40x80 cm, along with a huge variety of coordinated special pieces and accessories.

Over the last few years, the production of glazed and fine porcelain stoneware tiles has enriched the offer of Cisa even further, which already features a wide range of floor and wall tiles.

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Materials and technology

Cisa devotes considerable energy to safeguarding and reinforcing its products’ quality and originality, through continual, constant investment in innovation and the implementation of new production processes.

Aided by the service and the advertising tools the company provides to its customers, products have a strong, immediate, distinctive identity, with a contemporary, essential style.

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The future stems from the present.

Our products are realized using technologies that reduce the consumption of natural resources, minimize the impact of harmful substances on the environment, while always guaranteeing attractive surfacing materials that help you live your life to the full.

The new digital technology which Ceramiche Cisa employs in the manufacture of its products offers a wide range of graphics options and faithful reproductions of all types of textures, colours and surfaces. This means Ceramiche Cisa products are both extremely attractive and highly resistant on all technical levels.

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